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Aviation consulting

Provide consulting services in the field of business aviation. Everything about the operation, acquisition and sale of private aircraft.

Investment consulting

We provide professional advice on the management of investment portfolios of securities. Investments are an integral part of our business.

Leaving as a Deposit funds to pay for flights or purchase equipment you can always get our professional advice on the management of your assets.

We work with partner brokerage houses, allows you as the client to keep the money in your accounts, implement one of the proposed and managed by us investment strategies.

Fee for managing assets is 25% of the value of quarterly return on assets under our Advisory solutions.

We give a choice of aggressive, moderate and conservative strategies.

Сurrency risks hedging

Our business is related to monetary transactions, we have experts that control the foreign exchange risk. Contact our consultants and we will help You to hedge foreign exchange risks of Your business.

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