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The company UTKB LLC is founded in 2015. Currently, we have closed more than a dozen successful transactions for the supply of equipment and provision of international transport services. 2015 has become for us a successful year in working with the largest Aviacharter companies. For the year we had dozens of corporate clients in the international freight business Aviacharter flights. Also in 2015 we have successfully implemented a project for the purchase of China construction machinery, produced the first customs clearance and preparation of vehicles for sale. At the moment we are preparing to launch a unique Internet portal for the manufacturing of aircraft and machinery. The details you soon will be able to see on our official website.


Also soon will appear special computer and mobile app and online resource, providing not only tracking of cargo transported in Russia and abroad, but pre-planning and placing orders for various types of transport services.

UTKB is an investment project  and is planning its development in future through the sale of  Treasury bills investment funds, investment in Share Capital through capital increase of the company, as well as by raising loans in the banking credit organizations. Currently, negotiations are underway with the management of private equity funds of group of companies UFG Private Equity.

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