Business flights

We offer an exclusive service for owners of business and top-managers of companies - booking pereletov in all directions across Russia and Europe, and several Asian countries on private aircraft - from light and small aircraft to business jets and long-haul private jets Boeing.

You can request to order one or another type of aircraft for private business flights. Also if You are interested in buying sun, our technicians are able to help You with this.

Using an online form you can order you are interested in a flight on a private jet. Our Department on work with Russian and foreign aviabrokers will select the desired flight.

Aviation spare parts

We offer spare parts for private aircrafts.

We are engaged in wholesale trade in machinery. The machinery comes from China and Europe. To date, we can offer equipment like from existence and to implement its delivery to the client.

Spare parts for machinery

We offer spare parts for machinery and vehicles.

Transportation services

We provide various transportation and logistics services.

Helicopter rental

We lease helicopters for different areas. Whether it's private flights with razvekatelnye purposes or the exercise of specialized aerial shooting: geochemica matiushenko, patrolling of gas pipes.

Aircraft's materials

We offer spare interior materials for aircrafts including many kinds especially for private aircrafts.

Equipment sales

We are pleased to offer both new and used equipment from different manufacturers and for different industries.

Industrial and construction goods

We offer as an agent supplier whosale of many kind of industrial and construction goods.

Corporate tickets

Corporate regular flights. Tickets for inviduals for corporate use.

Corporate accomodation

Corporate accomodation. Very comfortable conditions for payments from corporate clients.


We offer consultion services for investments (fund management) and aviation consuting. ALso we are glad to present our new consulting product -currency risks hedge.

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